In-depth Guide to Protect Your WordPress Website from Visitors

Website is the cardinal piece to your online identity. Whether you are a small/large business, e-commerce Company, blogger or a freelancer, having your own website is the pillar to your online identity. It not only gives a central platform for your audiences to land upon but also serves as an extension to what your brand […]

Why you will Hiring A Professional Web Design Company

In today’s world, if you want to taste the flavor of success from your business on which you have put an effort, there is no other option in-front of you, other than going for the online marketing. The business owners can target the global as well as local market by creating their own website. This […]

A How To Guide To Handle Composite Products With Woocommerce

In the endeavor of creating configurable products, the composite product types play a decisive role. They really ease the overall process with their very organized, very dynamic, and also a little complex groupings. Components are the building blocks that make up a standard composite product. Now, they are not mandatory to use, but if you […]

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for 2014 You Can’t Miss to Have

If you prefer WordPress for creating and managing a website, then you can’t miss out to have a toolkit of plugins that helps to provide solutions for making improvements to your WordPress powered site. There are around 30,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin repository, and you’ll most likely find a plugin that befit your needs.

7 popular Joomla Extensions for Your Website SEO

If you are an aspiring web developer or designer, or you have been working since a long time to improve your website, then you must be acquainted with the term Joomla extension. As I have been closely associated with improving web pages, , hence I thought of sharing some most useful Joomla Extensions for Your […]

Tips and Tactics for Responding to Online Complaints from Customers

There is a reason that the saying “you can’t please all the people all the time” is a popular one. It is especially true for online stores. The environment today with social media and review sites make it very easy for people to publicly complain about your company. In some ways it keeps companies in […]

10 marketing ideas for freelance designers to help gain new clients

One thing that every freelancer can agree on, regardless of the industry you’re in, is that in your freelance career, you’ll be spending a fair amount of time marketing your services, especially in the beginning. And conincidentally in the beginning of your freelance career, you’ll also be bootstrapping your marketing efforts as much as possible […]

50 Single page web designs worth looking at

Browsing the web, you come across a multitude of websites in various styles and formats, but one of my personal favorite type to check out is a single page website design. Not every website should be a single page layout, but it works in a variety of formats. For instance, websites that are promoting services […]

40 WordPress powered websites with a responsive web design

With WordPress powering about 22% of all new websites, it’s no surprise that many of the responsive websites we’re seeing pop up are powered by the CMS. The rising popularity of responsive web design also helps fuel a lot of the WordPress Premium Theme market, which you can see by looking at all of the […]

45 Freelancer Designers who use Giant Photos in their portfolio design

Today we’re going to get all up in your face (pardon the pun) with todays update. The full size photo utilized in a website design has generally been reserved for celebrities or photography websites, but these freelancers have broken the mold and put themselves front and center. Some of the sites below only show the […]