A visited my birth home town the other week. It’s quite a well-known town on the UK and is best-known for being the surfing capital of England. While there I visited many of the great beaches scattered around town (foursquare was updated aplenty!) and it just brings back memories of growing up by the beach […]

4 April 2011 – Sometimes it’s good to just sit and watch the world go by with all the interesting people who are going about their business. It can really get you wondering – who are they? What are they doing? And where are they going? So sit back and relax with a cup of […]

12 March 2011 – There are some truly magnificent natural made structures and wonders throughout the world but when you see these fantastic photos of cityscape’s then it will show you that man-kind is pretty damn good at creating some awesome structures as well. These towering giants and urban landscapes made of concrete, bricks, glass […]

There are some inspiring photographers out there but there are non-more inspiring than the gravity-defying Natsumi Hayashi. Natsumi is a photographer from Tokyo, Japan and can be spotted jumping up and down around the city armed with her SLR and amazing self-timing which capture these truly amazing shots.