Being an art student myself I really like anything which shows creativity, imagination and talent. One of the types of art I am really digging at the moment is Anime/Manga style. I like the look, the fantasy, the sexiness and the cuteness.

As they have already accustomed us, the guys at have launched a new great deal for designers all over the world! Their new Mega Design Bundle which is available for only 15 days with the incredible price of only $37 instead of $550 contains over 900 design elements needed by every designer in the […]

I’ve often visited my family and friends homes and admired the many galleries of children’s artwork that get pinned on the fridge or kitchen notice boards. I know that when I was younger I was really proud that my mum had pinned my drawings on the fridge door and my dad even took them to […]

Welcome to the first post of 2012 on Web Design Mash. In this post we have a superb selection of excellent digital art to showcase again for the new year.  It once again looks like a truly awesome year for inspired art and we will be featuring more great digital art later this year.

While I was visiting London the other month I came across some truly amazing 3D street art. 3D street art although drawn in 2D gives a 3-dimensional illusion when viewed from a specific standpoint. Some of the artworks are visually stunning and you can almost believe that what you are viewing is real.