Digital Art

Working in an arts centre I get to appreciate great pieces of art all day. The style of art I’m really into at the moment is digital art and is wonderfully captured in this beautiful collection art made by some of the best artists out there using the finest digital technology.

Welcome to the first post of 2012 on Web Design Mash. In this post we have a superb selection of excellent digital art to showcase again for the new year.  It once again looks like a truly awesome year for inspired art and we will be featuring more great digital art later this year.

Thunder, thunder, thunder… ThunderCats hooooooooooooo!!!! ThunderCats was one of my all time favourite cartoon shows when I was growing up and with the recent re-imagining of the Thundercats franchise recently hitting our TV screens, it gets me feeling all nostalgic for the original series.

I’ve grown up with video games all my life and I’m still excited about them now as I was when I was very young. From the Sinclair Spectrum to Sony PS3 I’ve played them all. Games are getting better all the time but also the artwork and design that goes into those cases is also […]

We feature a lot of art on Web Design Mash but this is the first time we have featured the style of Vexel Art. Basically Vexel is a buzzword for an entirely pixel-based method of raster art that replicates the visual appearance of vector graphics style such as smooth gradients, sharp-edged lines and areas of flat colour. The actual word ‘Vexel’ derived […]