In a world dominated by ‘going green’, companies are constantly looking for ways to define themselves via this focus. Energy themed logos have become more and more common in response to this – but who has the best ones?


1.      Energy Helpline Logo


Like many energy companies, the logo uses warm orange tones in order to successfully convey the role they play in supplying energy for heating and electricity to homes across the country. The incorporation of a flame also associates the business with the source of heat.


2.      Emergent Energy Logo


As environmental concerns have become prevalent within mainstream society and the business world, companies have tried harder to incorporate green symbolism into their logos. Emergent Energy does this through the use of layered leaves and a graded green colour palette.


3.      British Gas Logo

The iconic British Gas logo doesn’t need much explaining thanks to its fantastic simplicity and widespread use. Though it has recently changed, the newer logo resembles the old enough to be instantly recognisable. A new addition is the green colouration to the bottom of the flame; to portray an environmentally friendly approach.


4.      BP Logo


BP utilises a shape that resembles both a sun and a flower head in order to associate themselves with nature and the environment. This is also reflected in the choice of colour scheme, running from yellow to green as you move outward through the rings.


5.      Granite Bay Energy Logo


The Granite Bay logo ensures that you associate the company with energy provision by cleverly morphing the tail of its ‘g’ with a wire and plug. Bright colours are used to fill the ‘g’ in order to give the impression of light.


6.      Environmental Energy Partners Logo


EEP employ a logo that resembles the widely used ‘recycling’ logo in order to highlight its position as a renewable energy company. Pleasant greens and blues are employed to enhance the effect.


 7.      AES Energy Storage Logo

AES utilises the common theme of green and blues once again but divides them with a winding stream of white that most resembles a river or wire. This gives some indication of what they do (energy storage and delivery) and also creates a pleasant yin and yang effect.


8.      EDF Energy


EDF Energy employs warm orange colours arranged in a pattern that most resembles the petals of a flower. This associates the business with nature and generates a caring, nurturing and friendly image.


9.      Total


Total attempts to embrace the entire globe in its logo through the use of three individually coloured streaks that wrap around an invisible sphere. In this way, the logo is able to showcase their worldwide reach and ambition.


10.  Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK uses two different shades of green to add variety to a logo that could have looked incredibly boring in just one shade. However, the split is pleasing to the eye and adds something a little different.

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