Advertising is one of the biggest forms of communication and its main purpose is to persuade consumers to take some sort of action. Advertisers are always trying new ways to to get our attention and I think with this collection below supplied by Creative Ad Awards of truly creative adverts from around the world they have surely succeeded. Some advertising a brand and some are promoting a very powerful message.

Melt Club

Do Not Kill Blockbusters

Wake Up

Turtle Fighting

Drowning Deaths in Vodka

Building Lot

Chewing Gum

Pixel Distruction Kick

Let It All Out

Be Careful

Invisibility Racer

To Receive a Medal

Ultimate Flash

Powerful Enough

Ultra Grip Glove

Face Detect

Dog Toast

The House Coat

Not Only for Boys

Cigarette Tree

Steady Shot

Over Pressure Belt

Mini Car Transporter

Yoga Position

Verbal Abuse

Pink Sumo

Egg & Beans

Big Cobaya

Toyo Octopus

Pain Africa

Spring Cleaning

Attack Burger

The Shark

Polar Bear

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  3. Brilliant ads. Turtle Fighting was initially my favourite. Then Invisibility Racer. Then Dog Toast. Then Steady Shot. But I will settle for Over Pressure Belt!

  4. Great work jamie!! better than the other ..but all of them are so excellent…keep going (y)

  5. About 2nd Photo
    “Stop Piracy”
    About 3rd Photo
    “Wake up with a Cup of Coffee”

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