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Guest Post: Written by Jemma Novi – Well for saying this is my first post for Web Design Mash I’m just going to plunge in and take a risk. So here I go… Sex (oh God! I said it) can be something of a taboo subject and I hope this post doesn’t offend or shock anyone who may visit this site. You may now be hovering over the browser back button and for some people sex is something they never talk about but it is the most natural thing in the world. Humans along with a very few select species of the animal kingdom do it not only for pro-creation but for pleasure too, oh yeah! There are a few prices to pay though and I am talking about the dreaded STDs. So this post is all about Safe Sex Campaign Advertising.

Back in the 80’s there was a particular STD which sparked a big world-wide campaign and a lot of scary adverts and I’m talking about HIV/AIDS. Those ads were there to scare humankind to take care of their sexual health with slogans like ‘Don’t die of ignorance” ringing like alarm bells in some peoples heads and although it is as serious as ever the adverts of today are not so chilling.

One of the leaders in this field of safe sex is of course the biggest condom manufacturer in the world and that is Durex. They have come up with some witty and clever ads over the years and manage to do this in a way which does not seem explicit or offensive. Some of their ads are featured below.

So take a look at some examples of modern Safe Sex Campaign ads and remember folks it is better to be safe than sorry! 😉

NHS Safe Sex CampaignDerek Bowers

HIV/AIDS POSTERS – Canhür Aktuglu

Rod Hunt worked with San Francisco based advertising agency  Goodby, Silverstein & Partners illustrating their new advertising campaign “Welcome to the World of Sex” for AIDES, the first French HIV/AIDS prevention non-profit organization. 

Welcome to the World of SexRod Hunt

Safe Sex for Athletes CampaignLuke Lucas

Poster and flyer design for an NHS sexual health awareness campaign.

Fun in the SunMash Creative

Durex – “Get it on” Arian Camilleri

STD Awareness Ad Campaign Gareth Pollock

Red Ribbon Rock David Maclennan

Packaging for Adidas basic line of clothing: jeans, T-shirt and underwear.
Promotion for safe sex – promoting the basics under the title – “it’s just that basic” same as using a condom.

It’s Just That Basic Orly Peimer Rimon

Type Sex with Durex Andrej Krahne

Durex Denzil MachadoSiddhi Yadav

Durex Flavoured Condoms Siddhi Yadav

Every year, the AIDES org launches worlwide campaigns to conscientize people about the use of condoms. For the campaign of 2011, AIDES worked in partnership with Goodby, Silverstein & Partners of San Francisco and created a campaing based in comic pages.

AIDES Cristiano Siqueira

Don’t Use Condom (He Says) Stefano Joker Lionetti

Wet N Wild Sharad Haksar

Flavoured CondomsSharad Haksar & 1pointsize

Safe Sex SeriesAnjelica Bullen

Sex Can Be DangerousJesse McIlwraith

Fowin Condoms – McCann

CPD Prevention and Citizenship – Grave – RGA

Ministère de la Santé: Fall, 1 – Advantage

a little video by Antonio Marcato

Willy the Tourist Antonio Marcato

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