8th December 2010 – I love animation and I have a vast collection of animation on display on my media shelves at home but on there you won’t find the sugary sweet world of Disney Cinema (apart from Pixar collaborations!) but a huge collection of Japanese anime. I’ve been hooked on anime since I was [...]

What they say is true, we eat with our eyes and if something looks good then it makes me want to eat it even more. This is the follow up Let them eat cake – Gorgeously Designed Cakes post from earlier this year and continuing in our culinary collection of deliciously designed food.

If you’ve ever been to a fairground before then you may have come across artists that offer caricature drawings of yourself. Sometimes these drawings which emphasise your standout features can be quite flattering but in some cases may leave you feeling quite self-conscious of your looks. In this post I present Marco Calcinaro who is [...]

A few posts ago I featured an artist from Singapore called Caramelaw in my Showcase of Cities Honoured in Typography post. I instantly fell in love with her colourful, cute and beautiful art. Well in this post I’m going to be featuring the work of Caramelaw who is now one of my favourite graphic designers [...]

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