With WordPress powering about 22% of all new websites, it’s no surprise that many of the responsive websites we’re seeing pop up are powered by the CMS. The rising popularity of responsive web design also helps fuel a lot of the WordPress Premium Theme market, which you can see by looking at all of the […]

We’re under the direct impression that bloggers and website designers alike can benefit from these free WordPress themes. Whether you’re just looking for a new WordPress theme to build your own website with or you’re looking or a starter theme to build client projects on, these free WordPress themes offer a multitude of options for […]

One thing that a web or print designer can never have enough of is fonts. That’s why I put this list together of 50 of the top free grunge fonts from around the web. These are great for musician websites or something with a haunted theme. Some have a dirtier feel to them which are […]

The (dv) Dedicated-Virtual 4.0 — Amazing performance, no compromise. Could you please briefly introduce yourself? Hey there. My name is Harouth Arthur Mekhjian but probably a bit better known as ‘artin’ from artingrpahics. I am currently 19 years old and I study architecture at University of Bath in UK. I would like to consider myself […]