Earlier in the year we published a post which featured the one and only Banksy and continuing on in this post we showcase some spectacular street art from around the world. Some people may think it is just vandalism but you have to admit some of these artworks are masterpieces in their own rights. Thanks to all the artists featured. — Web Design Mash does not condone or promote graffiti or destruction of public property of any kind.

Rea – FoRe-F


ZHE 155


Panda TV – Lora8


Infart 2010 06 – orticanoodles


8bit burner – smarty-mcsly


Monster Sk8park – saim


TimeLineDetail – telmopieper


Street Art Monster – Bob Grindhead


Street Art – Photo by Shagpile Designs


Great Guys – *justcobe


London Street Art – londonstreetart2


Octopus -nevercrew


dea bendata – originalASKER


Street Art – N8 – Photo by Simon Criston


Descent – Shepa


angelsanddemons – EtoJA




Magic Picnic – FoRe-F


Street Art Dancers + Blonde Passerby – Japaneseforms


part of the – nasimo


Flower Fairy – szc


Tokyo Street Art – localjapantimes


13-04-2010: Here She Comes – Dhos218


Graffit /Street Art – Orland072


Smates & Sgism – Smates


Sand Sea Spray – erokism


ella – pin-dbr


Pirates – ShadowIncognito


H5N1 – wost 2


Boswell/Andy Council/? – big bozo


Combonick – nickalive


New SEG – crhymez


sound of electronic– caparsoworks


Schiedam – oerendhard2


Clown’n – RietOne


Nightshift Murel – Saddo Jdero


Elizondo 09 – pin -dbr


Upfest 2011/ SEPR – big bozo


goldfinches – n4t4


Green Goblin – Thekumkum


eurocultured11/Rabodiga – big bozo


Flower Pt 2 – stereoflow



finally – glaze73


feed me – antz81


ibug 2007 – TSHUNC


Down with SER – Nteko



All photos are copyright of their respective photographers.

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