What they say is true, we eat with our eyes and if something looks good then it makes me want to eat it even more. This is the follow up Let them eat cake – Gorgeously Designed Cakes post from earlier this year and continuing in our culinary collection of deliciously designed food.

It is a good job I am not on a diet because when I compiled this scrummy, lovely list of tempting food I did have to go out and buy a big load of junk food and stuff my face because just writing this post made me so, so hungry. If you are on a diet then please do look away now but if not, then feast your eyes on some delicious food porn


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Guest post by Kimmie Kinsella. Formelly a graphic artist and now working as a 'Business Angel' and spending her time between England & France.

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  1. Although I agree these are some pretty amazing shots of even more wonderful looking food, I could eat every single one of them.

    Well, exept for that rainbow cake. If it looks like rainbow I don’t trust it. Period. That’s just a little quirk in my head I guess.

    Great shots! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh goodness. Looks delicious.
    And actually for me, if it looks like a rainbow, i can’t wait to eat it! lol.

    But now i’m hungry 🙁

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