I’m in the mood for anime this morning and just adore the cuteness of these super artworks that I’ve managed to source out by some truly awesome artists. A big thank you to all the amazing artists and their work that feature in this post. Click on the images to show your appreciation and see more of each artists work. All artworks are copyright of the respective artists. Beware some of them may be a bit risky for some people! Enjoy.






Update: One of these characters is a guy. Try and guess which one!

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  5. Number 21 (<— i think) is not a girl. the one with blackish blueish hair and the pink hat and blue flowers isnt actually a girl. o.o" its a guy in Kuroshitsuji, dressed up as seen in one of the episodes. but the rest were okay. some of those, like the hentai ones, i wouldnt exactly describe as cute. XD but oh well.

  6. One of those girls is actually a guy.

    The dark blue-teal haired one with the one eye covered is Earl Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji. The reason he’s in a dress is because he’s undercover with the butler, Sebastian, to find the person behind the Jack the Ripper killings, and to get close to the host of the party he’s dressed up for, he had to look like a young female. Seeing as how 12 year old boys and girls of the same age are almost identical in body shape, it’s understandable that there would be confusion.

    But doesn’t he make just /the/ cutest little girl in a pink dress EVAR!? *fangirl get shot*

  7. the 49 and 50th were a bit uncalled for but i loved number 23!!!!!!! can u do it again but w/ a shirt? thx

  8. OMG.!!#2….soooo..pretty..its..like….flawles…!!.i..wish..the..whole…world…was…aime..(sorry..for…my..spellig…im..japaese)watashiwa….daisuki…des<3333…u.u

  9. so cool I like em all
    and dear comrade han anime is not for perverts its for those loving that art we love this world but yeah some are too much………………………

  10. my reactions to the fabulous picts.
    #4: aww 😀

    #11: Cute ^_^

    (keep scolling and lovin, until….)

    #22: ITS A TRAP! O.O

  11. I see… Pikiru’s art, Nuriko’s, Cherriuki’s, ilolamai’s, elsevilla’s, and a ton more.
    By the way, the one with the bluish hair and white roses…THAT’S A MALE.

  12. Hey! Hope you still enjoy blogging 😉 You have been of great help, as I work stuff like this in Photoshop.

    You’ve been of help. Thanks! 🙂

  13. well.. i like 1 2 7 12 13 26 29 🙂
    but the rest they ARE NOT That cute >.>
    if u search well u might find better pictures :/
    rank: 5/10 😛

  14. some of them r pervy..lol but most of them r cute. But i think 49 a lil overboard O_O srsly guys nose gna bleed.

  15. “” gush” i like those pictures “” ^_^ XD 😀 ” they are so cute anime….. i wish i can wear all those costumes on cosplay event”””

  16. these are cute pictures. & the one who’s a guy is the one with the blue pigtails, pink dress, pink hat, pink roses, etc. that’s ciel phantomhive from black butler/ kuroshitsuji 😀

  17. 51st picture is missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but other all are awesome!!!!!!!! especially 49th one !!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

  18. I liked the girl in the Kimono with the music and the girl with strings.. I’d totally love for a girl in say, a french maid uniform controlling a marionette, or a girl being controlled like a marionette…

    Maybe a girl covered only in scarlet ribbons…

    Beautiful girls!

  19. こんにちは、私はあなたのサイトを愛し、イメージは私の心を豊かに

  20. I wouldn’t count these as Cute anime, because they aren’t all that Kawaii.
    But I will admit these are some pretty damn sexy girls LOL</

    i thought the same thing, its pretty retarded how most of them aint even hot and im sayin "your saying this is sexy? this is shit! oooohhh, now theres one." exact quote of what i said.

  21. Number 21 is the guy, his name is Ciel Phantomhive and he is from the anime/manga ” Black Butler ”
    ( If you’re too lazy to count, It’s the one in the pink frilly dress and long blue pigtails )

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