I’ve grown up with anime all of my life and ever since I was little it’s been my favourite type of animation. Anime アニメ basically in English refers to a particular style of animation which comes from Japan. Well known for characters with their very large eyes and outrageous haircuts and influenced by Manga Japanese comic books. There are no age boundaries with anime and it is aimed at children and adults alike and leaves no subject or taboo left untouched.

This is Part 1 – Featured in this collection is one of my all time favourite anime characters – Totoro from ‘My Neigbor Totoro’ by the legendary Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, see if you can spot him!

Continues on Part 2 >>

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Anjelica De Alexandris is a designer, design fan and researcher based in the South West, United Kingdom. Anjelica considers herself to eat and sleep design and loves her Mac to bits. Anjelica writes for numerous design blogs including Web Design Mash (Author and Editor throughout 2010), Rez, Design is Dead and Blog of Francesco Mugnai.

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  3. Wow…. absolutely stunning illustrations. I love anime… i’m a bit disappointed there aren’t any from Final Fantasy.
    Waiting for Part 2.

    Great work!!

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