With the falling prices of 3D printing, it was only a matter of time before some innovators developed the technology for public use. OMOTE 3D, a Japanese technology firm, will be opening a temporary 3D photo booth from November 24th until January 14th.

Dubbed the Pop-up Studio, this service will be a part of an exhibition of the Eye of Gyre, a small two-room studio in the Harajuku district of Tokyo. While the studio will be operating for only a short time, if it proves popular perhaps it will be an encouragement for other 3D modeling firms to do the same. The studio seems to be expecting a good response, scans are being done by reservation only.

To posing for a 3D portrait, you must stand motionless for 15 minutes while being scanned with the device in the first image below. One or two people can be scanned together, and the are options for three sizes of figurines. A single 10cm figure costs $262, a 15cm one is $399, and a 20cm one will set you back $524. Prices are double for two people, but there is a discount for three or more. While not cheap, you would certainly have a rare vanity item. There are limitations to the process. The studio’s website recommends not having scans made of small children or animals as they cannot stay still long enough. Despite the man in their publicity photo, they say that wearing glasses can cause the image not to render properly, and certain types of clothing such as boot laces or patterned fabric may be too detailed.

Notice in the last picture below, they have a colored and a colorless model together. They do not say how the items are colored, but from the detail I imagine they must be hand painted.

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