Papercraft has always been popular, mostly in the form of Origami, but with the joys of the web, people can now publish their creations online and there are some interesting examples, that’s for sure! Here we have picked twenty of the best, some very cute, some extremely odd!

Keyboard Cat

credit: TenSafeFrogs

A very cute little cat, smiling away while playing the keyboard – all made from paper!

A French patisserie

credit: fletcherjcm

You can’t get much better than this in the world of papercraft. Complete with menu, tea and cakes!

A BMW B7 Coupe

credit: jmv

If you like cars, you will love this!

Scary looking ant

credit: waljoris

This piece of papercraft looks like it has just come out of a horror film! As bizarre as they come!

Terrible threesome

credit: Astro Chicken

These three characters don’t look like they should be messed with! The creator describes them as, ‘Official Metal Gear Rex, Kuribo (goomba), dragon thing from Gunbound.’


credit: theogeo

When it comes to paper this is a pretty gorgeous example.

Cute Cubeecrafts

credit: Mosman Library

Described as Cubeecrafts, these are pretty cute little things.


credit: jonathanb1989

Remember the Rugrats? Adorable with a capital A, here is big brother Stewie.

Papercraft bouquet

credit: LaMenta3

This cannot go without a mention. As pretty as real flowers, these would brighten up any day!

Adorable Amazon boxman

credit: ksyz

Amazon gets everywhere these days – even papercraft people!

Marshmallow man

credit: jayuzi

Looks happy and friendly, here is so called ‘marshmallow man.’

All the way from Japan

credit: Danny Choo

Wow! The attantion to detail is something to behold!


credit: waljoris

We’re not sure what this is but it is pretty impressive anyway!

Independence Bot

credit: theogeo

Standing up for his country, this little Bot looks very dapper.

Festive papercraft

credit: campbelj45ca

This beautiful stocking, bursting with gifts must be one of the prettiest creations we’ve seen!

Paper Mario

credit: Centella.

A fabulous paper version of the much loved computer game character

Angry Birds

credit: pj_vanf

The cure but errr… angry characters of the famous app have come to life with paper.

A penguin… Apparently

credit: josey4628

More in the vein of Origami, this piece of papercraft is supposedly a penguin.


credit: theogeo

Unfortunately it appears that ‘Bojanklesbot’ has had a little accident, probably thanks to the feline photobombing the picture.



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