Social media presence has become essential for most brands! And if yours is a web designing firm or you work as a web designer, having an account on Instagram is necessary. Being primarily designed and launched as an image sharing website/app, Instagram reflects a creative element right from the start. Hence, it is not surprising that web designers and other creative professionals love to have an Instagram profile. Everything from the news feed display, the filters, and the advanced features is meant for making unique and creative images and other posts that highlight your creativity. It is not surprising that most website designers today want to leverage Instagram and use it to their benefit. Read More

A Website is the cardinal piece to your online identity. Whether you are a small/large business, e-commerce Company, blogger or a freelancer, having your own website is the pillar to your online identity. It not only gives a central platform for your audiences to land upon but also serves as an extension to what your brand is. From your end, it is essential to provide a safe, interesting and reliable experience to your audiences through your website.

Depending upon the nature of your work, the design, functionality and mobile responsiveness of your website might vary. However, whatever sort of interactions ensue on your website, security remains a critical vista for it. If there are not proper security measures, the credibility of your business might suffer immensely and it can also be disastrous for your customers or audience. Read More

Nowadays, it’s easy to spot kids using their laptops, tablets, and mobiles to play their favorite online games. Although this may be a great source of entertainment, digital games can impact your child’s life negatively.  Moreover, there are many other kid’s online dangers to be concerned about, like predators, adult content, and cyberbullies. Read More

Brand identity is what matters the most in this world, and we will like you guys to know that if you are not focusing on the identification of your brand, then you are going to face a lot of loss in the long run! You should be very clear with the concept of branding and brand imaging, and you guys should be very clear that without brand identity, your business is a complete loss and you won’t be able to flourish or mature in this field if you don’t pay proper attention to it! Read More

How to Boost SEO and Generating Organic Traffic to Your Website

Even though most people will find it somewhat strange, for websites to perform their function, they need to be live and current. Every update made on the website should serve to interact not only with visitors but also with the search engines because it serves nobody’s purpose to have a website that is not updated, and which, for all practical purposes can be considered as dead with nothing new to offer. On the other hand, a website whose contents are refreshed continually serves as a wonderful resource for search engines to offer results that meet with the search intent better, and will thus be inclined to boost the website higher up in the search page rankings. Read More

An overview of wordpress web development for beginners

WordPress has become impressively popular since its release in 2003. Today, according to Who Is Hosting This, WordPress powers 35% of the entire internet including 14.7% of the top 100 websites.
A part of this popularity comes from how user-friendly the platform is to web developers. Not just professional developers either – even the casual designer or new small business can create their own website without much trouble. Read More

Lightroom is one of the most commonly used programs for photo color correction and basic photo editing. You can use a variety of color settings and perform numerous operations to improve your photos. Free Lightroom presets are another powerful tool for instant photo correction. You have the opportunity to add the desired effect to your pictures in just a few clicks. Using presets you save your time and achieve amazing results. Read More

In today’s world, if you want to taste the flavor of success from your business on which you have put an effort, there is no other option in-front of you, other than going for the online marketing. The business owners can target the global as well as local market by creating their own website. This is same in the case of both beginners or a big business house. Read More

The design of the mobile website is vital for a company to become successful. Nowadys all brick and mortar companies are going digital and embracing mobile and smart phone marketing. But while a creating a webpage, designers and developers tend to do several mistakes which can prove costly. Here are 7 mistakes developers should avoid in a mobile web design. Read More

Designing IOS and Android Apps

As a mobile app designer or developer, you’ll probably at some point of time will have to show your design to your client or team. Irrespective of whether you want to create a design for iOS or Android app, you will most likely visualize design ideas in your mind. Make sure to give those ideas a visual (or concrete) form, or you may forget them. One best way to do so requires prototyping an app design. Once you’ve finalized your prototype, you can begin with building your app using some mobile platform.
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